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‘The beauty of writing is the tongue of the hand and the elegance of thought’ [Ali ibn Abi Talib].


The art of expressing beauty in the Islamic tradition is in the different styles of writing: Arabic calligraphy. The art of Arabic writing is the supreme symbol of beauty par excellence. Calligraphy is also entrenched in the cultural landscape of the Islamic world and the Arabic speaking societies.


Geometric and arabesque patterns are often intertwined with this beautiful art form. This can be seen in the monumental buildings and architectural masterpieces in both the East and the West where Arabs or Arabic speaking communities have had a presence or an influence.


ALTAWA is very fortunate to have an in-house master calligrapher; Dr. Moayad Abdul Rahman. The Association will be offering workshops in collaboration with Dr. Moayad to ensure that this highly developed and essential form of art expression is maintained, enhanced and passed on to the next generation of talented youth in the community.


Please watch this space for future workshops.

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