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The Arabic [ATAR] syllabus is borrowed from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority [VCAA]. ARABIC [ATAR] is an interstate language. The year 12 [ATAR] exam is set by the VCAA. 



Pathways of undertaking the Arabic ATAR course

Arabic [ATAR] is offered at the following schools in WA:


  1. Australian Islamic College - contact: Dr. Moayad Abdul Rahman

  2. Al Ameen College - contact: Mr Muhammad Agherdien

  3. Fountain College - contact: Ms Fathia Ibrahim


Arabic could also be studied at one of the community schools in Western Australia. An arrangement is made by the community school to enrol the student in the Arabic [ATAR] course via the school at which the is enrolled in year 12.


The student may also choose to enrol as an independent candidate. In this instance the student applies to SCSA to sit the Arabic [ATAR] without having attended any classes or tuition during the year.


For further information, please consult the SCSA website at the following link:


Past examination papers [Arabic ATAR], please follow the link below:

Year 12 resources [Arabic ATAR], please follow link below:

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